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By Twisting Pixels
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19 Effect and Enhancement Filters that include MoonGlow, Cumulusnimbus, Altocumuls, Starry Night, Northern Lights,Constellation,Celestial Shapes, MoonRing, Stratus, and numerous enhancement filters.
Altocumulus—beautifully soft clouds will add variation to your sky. Drop them between cumulus, or use them around the moon for an incredible scene day or night. Celestial Shapes—form stars into any shape by simply selecting the included greyscale clipart or by importing your own. Constellation—while creating your starry night add a constellation to give your star gazing art more meaning. Included are the zodiac signs, along with other popular constellations. Cumulus Nimbus—these clouds are truly fantastic! Create them as realistic or artistic as you want. When your finished shaping them into your desired size and thickness, make these clouds any color imaginable. Milkyway—take your starry night to another level by adding a milkyway to the scene. This effect is truly heavenly. MoonGlow—a glowing moon will appear instantly to your scene when this filter is applied. Phases of the moon are available to reflect each night of the month. Moonglow has it all! Halos and glows, various moon views, and on occasion add an eclipse. MoonRing—gives the appearance of ice crystals refracting from the light of the moon. Just like a rainbow, strong halos or moon rings can have bands of colors in them. Use them around the moon, a star, or in a constellation. Starry Night—apply little bursts of colorful stars to your night sky. Star types can be glowing hot orbs, or light twinkling rays of light. Northern Lights—add drama with an aurora of color. Draw a path and watch a ribbon of lights render before your eyes. Power Packed Enhancement Layers—Aura, Color Intensity, Colorize, Glint, Luminescent Brush,Tonal Blur, Tonal Intensity, Tonal Sharpness, and Vibrancy.

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