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pixelSampler 1.23

By Twisting Pixels
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9 Free Photography Effects Plugins for Photoshop DuoTone,Black&White, Monotone, grain,starlight,StarPoint, Contrasting Levels,WarmCool, TonalStreak Version 1.19
9 Free Effects that include:
DuoTone: create precise tones composing of two color choices. Use brushes to paint away parts you don't want on your image.
MonoTone: a wonderful way to make a monochromatic print out of a single color.
Black and White: Our technology automatically uses a green and yellow filtering system, which cuts down the transmission of blue light, making skies appear darker and clouds stand out more. Orange and red filters are used to lighten tones and darken those of other colors, which produce dramatically darkened skies.
Contrasting Levels: Caputres details lost in the shadows. It also reduces the brightness range of an excessively contrast image, by subduing bright areas of sky, water, snow, and sand which bring the light back to a normal range.
Grain: will give your image the look of exposed and processed silver halides left behind on film emulsion. Use this effect to give your image the unique grain shapes that align better than conventional ones.
Warm Cool: Use this on color images to give either a cooling or a warming effect. Cooling filters are pale blue and will warm a pale straw color. Warming will prevent a cold feel to pictures taken on overcast days or in shady areas on sunny days.

StarLight: Add flare to your art. This feature will render brilliant points of light from your image highlights.
StarPoint: Add points of light to your image. Adjust the length, color and softness.
TonalStreak: Add streaks of light to make your image look out of focus in a unique way
You can run the filters through photoshop or process your images through the included application without requiring any seperate image editor. The effects are simple to use and give some very good results. Application includes layer support as well as multi-effect preset loading and saving.
Check back often as we are growing this free plugin pack quickly and it will contain more shortly.

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