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Topaz Enhance

By Topaz Labs LLC
Plugin for:
AfterEffect Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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Full version for Windows 349.00 USD 

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Topaz Enhance is a set of video effect filters for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Digital Fusion. Able to substantially improve anything ranging from low quality analog videos to high quality DVs, even enhancing SD videos to HD, Topaz Enhance represents a breakthrough in video enhancement technology. Topaz Enhance is a set of powerful Adobe Affter Effects filters that dramatically improves the quality of videos. With Topaz Enhance, you can:

  • De-interlace videos. Topaz Enhance uses an advanced motion-compensated method that results in high-resolution progressive videos with few de-interlacing artifacts.
  • Double the frame rate of interlaced video. With higher frame rate, your slow-mo and time-warp effects will look much smoother.
  • Increase video resolution,such as converting SD (480i/480p) video into HD (720p/1080p) video. CIF (240p) to SD (480p). Topaz Enhance uses a super-resolution approach that explores information from many frames to synthesize a high-resolution video.
  • Convert Formats, e.g., NTSC to PAL, PAL to NTSC, or NTSC to 24 FPS for a “film look ."
  • Reduce compression artifacts caused by codecs such as Motion JPEG, miniDV, MPEG etc.
  • Suppress noise with a variety of advanced filters. You will even find that some previously obscured details will become visible.
  • Enhance edges and details of low quality videos. With Topaz Enhance filters, you do this without the usual noise amplification and edge ringing.
  • Fix color bleeding such as that caused by color sub-sampling of 4:2:0, or analog videos. This can make other post-production tasks such as matting a lot easier.
  • Enhance analog videos to near-DV quality.
  • Create Smooth-looking effect which make a portra it -like video.
  • Make line accentuated scene.
  • Produce flat-looking effect.

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