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SF ColorMixer Pro

By Ralph Altmann
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Windows 
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Professional Channel Mixer for RGB, Lab and CMYK images also in 16 bit per channel. Features
  • at a glance All settings for all three output channels can be reached at once without having to turn pages.
  • auto balance Changing a slider will automatically re-adjust the output channel's other two sliders so that the sum of all three remains 100%. In order for this to work, the "lock" settings for all three sliders have to be unchecked.
  • lock option The auto balance feature can be locked for each single slider ("lock" checkbox checked). If all three sliders are locked, like in the figure above for the red output channel, then their behavior is similar to Photoshop's.
  • overflow warning If the sum of a triple of sliders differs from 100% this is displayed as an overflow (positive or negative). Such differences can occur if one or more sliders are locked or if one of the unlocked sliders is already at its limit.
  • fixing colors Clicking with the right mouse button into the preview window fixes the current gray interpretation of the selected color. All following changes will not affect the fixed color.
  • constant Other than in Photoshop the setting of this slider actually flows into the result as a percentage value (relative to the original RGB values). Therefore it is possible to counter-balance an overflow by choosing its negative value as constant.
  • gamma slider This additional slider modifies the overall brightness of the image. It changes the image's gamma value and therefore mainly the mid-tones, leaving black and white points untouched.
  • gray option If this checkbox is checked all colors will be translated into gray values. This option is similar to the "monochrome" setting in Photoshop's channel mixer.
  • bilingual A mouse click changes the language between german and english. more features:
  • changeable window size
  • Lab and CMYK support
  • support for 16 bit
  • all settings loadable/savable

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