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TableStyles and CellStyles Pro

By Teacup Software
Plugin for:
InDesign Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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Plugin for Macintosh 99.00 USD 
Plugin for Windows 99.00 USD 

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Fully compatible with InDesign CS-2, TableStyles and CellStyles 1.1 Pro features enhanced functionality, as well as two new enterprise features that provide sophisticated control and continuity when working with spreadsheets and XML files.

TableStyles and CellStyles 1.1 Pro features include:

  • Updating InDesign content from a linked spreadsheet file no longer removes table formatting with TableStyles and CellStyles Pro. As changes are made to a linked file, cell and table formatting is maintained in InDesign, eliminating the need to repeatedly reformat a table every time the spreadsheet is updated.
  • Styled tables and cells can now be automatically tagged for XML export with the new "Map Table/CellStyles to Tags" feature. By using consistent styling throughout a document, exporting a full InDesign document to XML, including tables, is easy with this new feature. This feature is for CS-2 only.
  • Importing XML files into InDesign tables is made much easier with the new "Map Tags to Table/CellStyles" feature. Tagged tables in InDesign can automatically be styled, making the XML to InDesign workflow move that much faster. This feature is for CS-2 only.
  • Easily associate a paragraph style with a cell style. When the cell style is applied, the paragraph style will be as well.

About TableStyles and CellStyles
TableStyles and CellStyles' powerful table styling features can fully format a table or a cell with a simple click. After the initial formatting, any changes made to the style are updated on the table automatically. The plug-in has the ability to import styles from other documents and create default styles, making it easy to standardize the look and feel for tables across an entire organization.

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