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By VanDerLee
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Windows 
Special effect
Ease of use
Bundle 59.90 - 10% = 53.90 USD 
Full version for Windows 24.95 - 10% = 22.45 USD 

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With UnPlugged-X you have access to over 100 unique filters and effects. These effects have been made famous by the long-running freeware series of UnPlugged but have now been enhanced in many ways and wrapped into one convenient plug-in which allows you to save and store settings, quickly browse through the effects and offers largely improved ease-of-use. A large portion of the original effects have been thoroughly overhauled resulting in much improved performance, higher quality and additional features. UnPlugged-X also contains all the well-known mixing modes from PhotoShop and even includes a few additional ones which allow you to combine the effect with the base image in entirely new ways. On this page you will find many examples of what you can do, this is just a small selection of the effects available in UnPlugged-X and every effect can be modified to produce completely different effect. The spiral image is made by applying the spiral shape filter to a gradient background and using an overlay mixing mode. The hand-drawn guitar is created by applying the pencil effect with a mixing mode to the original photograph. You can also use UnPlugged-X to improve image quality such as shown with the dog; the original image was very dark and lacking in detail; by using a histogram and applying UnPlugged-X's color expander effect the image gained a more natural brightness and contrast. Just take a look at the other examples on this page to get in impression of what you'll be able to do. UnPlugged-X is a high quality product incorporating many months of development. From the intuitive user interface to the quality of the effects, every area of the plug-in is well thought-out and developed to meet the highest criteria. It doesn't stop here though; UnPlugged-X has been constructed with extensibility in mind. Expect future versions of UnPlugged-X with many, many other effects and filters, more features for each effect and filter. Our goal is to provide the large and comprehensive set of filters and effects that our users need so please provide any request to us by e-mail. The UnPlugged-X plug-in has been thoroughly tested to work on a variety of images sizes. Currently it supports only RGB mode (either with or without a transparency layer) but future free updates will include support for other color modes.

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