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By DTP Tools
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As you probably know, getting to different stages of progress in your document just by clicking Undo button can be really frustrating. And yet in InDesign there is no easy way to orient in past actions. DTP Tools History plug-in brings the extra useful panel known from Photoshop to InDesign, with added and improved features. Apart from seeing all available redo and undo steps, you can now save different Versions within a single document. Regardless of how much you change your documents, you can always return to any state at any time. Usefulness of this plug-in can be summed up with quote from the History 1.0 review at "Installing History for InDesign is one action you will never want to undo.". New feature in History 2.1 Compression of versions resulting in considerably smaller files. Export of selected version into all formats supported by InDesign e.g. PDF Improved versions management, including version thumbnails resizing. This release includes several bug-fixes too, so it’s recommended to upgrade from previous versions. Key features History keeps track of past actions of your work on InDesign documents. It shows all states you can revert to in a list and allows you to save versions within the document.Did you delete some important text or image yesterday? With History 2.0 plug-in installed it's no longer a problem. Documents saved with History can be opened in InDesign without this plug-in. Added safety Every time you save a version, History saves the current state into the document. In case you need to revert to the state when this version was saved and the thread of actions leading to it is already obsolete or after reopening the document, you will still get your layout in a new document. Version which will open in a new window is marked with the green shortcut/alias symbol. Otherwise versions work as normal undo, with the advantage of thumbnail image and desription to simplify orientation. You can also let History to save a version state upon saving the document. Convenience Things change fast during meetings with client or editorial meetings. New ideas and opinions flow and number of versions multiply every minute. Instead of saving into many files or clicking back and forth in the history, you can create new document from current state by a single click in the History panel. Than you just save the versions you have agreed on, and the rest you close without risk of using the wrong files. History 2.2 is compatible with InDesign and InCopy CS-CS3 on both, Mac and PC.

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