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nčo Virtual Vision

By Inčdit Software
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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nčo Virtual Vision nčo Virtual Vision is the virtual simulation engine for Adobe Photoshop, showing designs, pattern, images or colors on any object in 3D. By preserving the shadow effects from the original picture the result is a realistic simulation of the original ambience with the desired texture. Expand your possibilities by demonstrating your designs before they are even printed! For Mac and Windows The new version is available for both platforms: Mac and PC with increased compatibility and speed for Windows. More Ambience Now offering more ambient collections, you are ready to go. Send us one picture of an ambience and our team will be pleased to prebuild the panels for you. Simulations nčo Virtual Vision is designed for simulations on fashion, home textiles, graphic arts, advertisement, automotive and many other markets. Build and present your catalog to your customers using your latest collection without the requirement of physically producing your designs. Quality The simulations are generated using the high-quality engine by preserving the shadow effects of the original ambience. All textures can be scaled and rotated but always showing the original scale and flair of the object.

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