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By WindJack Solutions, Inc
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Acrobat Plugin available for Windows 
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AcroButtons is a one of a kind solution for quickly and easily adding custom, scriptable, and portable buttons to the Adobe® Acrobat® toolbar. Scriptable Toolbar buttons are a powerful user interface feature that give you and your users three very big advantages. A Toolbar Button is like a Lightweight plug-in: These buttons can be used for everything from making menu items easily accessible to performing complex document manipulations (the traditional domain of plug-ins). Improve efficiency by automating tasks and making advanced Acrobat functionality available to employees and customers without making them follow a list of complex instructions or become experts. A Toolbar Button is Portable: Toolbar buttons created with AcroButtons are built entirely with Acrobat JavaScript. Once built, they are independent of the AcroButtons tool. They can be used in every Acrobat product (6.0 or greater) that executes JavaScript This means Acrobat Professional, Standard, and Reader on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms. Build it once, use it everywhere, give it out to anyone. A Toolbar Button can be Embedded into a PDF Document!! The button travels with the PDF and is displayed on the toolbar only when the document is open. It's the only Acrobat user interface element for a document that is always visible and accessible to the user, no matter how the document is zoomed or scrolled. Place "Submit" and "Help" buttons and your company logo with a link to your web site on the toolbar where they are always visible. Perfect for specialized document tools like navigation and search. What? My PDF Document can put a button on the Acrobat Toolbar? Yes It Can! - Easily embed Toolbar Buttons in PDF documents- embedding toolbar buttons into PDF documents adds a new dimension to the document's user interface. They become available when the document is opened and disappear when it is closed. This lets you do things like always have a visible Submit button on the toolbar for long forms, a Buy Button on brochures, etc. Users can click the button from anywhere in an open document, saving you from creating buttons for every page. Intrigued? Then check out the major features of AcroButtons that make creating your own Acrobat toolbar buttons a quick and easy task by visiting today!.

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