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Text Count

By DTP Tools
Plugin for:
InDesign Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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Text Count gives user full control over overset text, simplifies assigning space to future content and accelerates accounting connected to text materials. This plug-in is now saves time of editors, designers and writers, in many publishing houses, magazines, newspapers and translation companies all around the world. Any InDesign or InCopy user, who wants to have control over overset, text length, or price for text contents, will find Text Count 1.2 useful and irreplaceable tool with more functions than any similar plug-in. Key features Text Count counts and estimates text elements and calculates their price. At the same time it detects overset in documents and helps user to get rid of it easily. Copy fitting tools Single click “Fit text to frame” - changes the text attributes within permitted range to fit text to frame. It calculates the optimal ratio of font size and kerning change with results better than any manual adjustment. Overset tools Overset text displaying in a separate frame attached to the overset story. Frame can have user defined color, opacity and position. Overset preflight - saves lot’s of time and prevents expensive mistakes. You can use automatic preflight every time you print or export. Count features Counts characters including and excluding spaces, words, lines, paragraphs, manuscript lines and manuscript pages. Counts overset characters and words. When the text in selected range is overset, you will see exact amounts of overset too. Counts in selection, paragraph, text frame, story, page, and the whole document. Estimate functions Estimates characters and words needed to fill text chain or frame, using defined style and document language. Estimates in text chain which is either empty or has some remaining space. Price calculation features Text Count can calculate price per stroke, word, manuscript line or page. Uses user defined currency. Results are shown real time in application palette and in form of a report - indexed copy of counted document and document with all desired data about its content. Compatibility Text Count plug-in works with InDesign and InCopy, CS - CS3 on Windows and Mac. Pricing and availability Text Count 14 days try–out version is available for download. Product is delivered in electronic form only. Single license price is $69 . Upgrade for current users is free.

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