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Lens Corrector PRO

By Richard Rosenman
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Windows 
Image processing
Ease of use

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  • Improved, faster lens correction algorithms.
  • Ability to specify axis center for lens correction and all advanced image processing controls.
  • User selectable crosshair colors and icons for clearer visual representations.
  • Ability to specify the axis center in the preview window with the mouse, as well as through sliders.
  • User selectable "Out of Range" color for marking and easily identifying invalid pixels.
  • Multiplier for extreme lens correction distortions.
  • "Scale to Window" feature intelligently fits lens corrected images to window size in order to minimize scale loss.
  • Horizontal and Vertical precision image scaling.
  • Horizontal and Vertical precision image skewing (shearing).
  • Horizontal and Vertical precision image perspective adjustment.
  • Horizontal and Vertical precision image curved tapering.
  • Horizontal and Vertical precision image shifting.
  • Precision image rotation.
  • Horizontal and Vertical image flipping.
  • Rendering statistics for preview redraws and estimated final renderings.
  • Grid display for clear and precise lens correction visualization.
  • Ability to custom define grid, as well as overlay over source image for even more precise lens correction visualization.
  • Ability to overlay grid lines only, cells only, both or none.
  • "Conform to Fisheye" transformation algorithm with multiplier for extreme fisheye distortions.
  • Horizontal and Vertical polar correction for polar pinching compensation.
  • Ability to output individual color channels.
  • Sub-pixel filtering (Nearest Neighbor, Bisquare, Bicosine, Bilinear, Bicubic) for clean, sharp and precise renders.
  • Presets for various common camera lenses and their correction settings.

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