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Turbo Photo PS plugin

By stepok
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Windows 
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The Turbo Photo PS plugin includs 10 most useful and unique filters from Turbo Photo, running on Photoshop as plugins. This 10 filters are: Enhance Dynamic Range When the range of evironment light exceed the dynamic range of the CCD or film, the photo will have large range of dark/shadow and highlight/overexposure. This function can enhance the dynamic range of your photo slightly. The details in dark and highlight can be enhanced while other part keeps unchanged. Image Size by Turbo Sample Enlarge photo: Provide more sharpen, less alias result, especially for vector based images. Scale down photo:Provide more details, free controling of shapeness. Saturation Curve This tool is a very easy to use tool help you adjust the saturation of photo by different hue value visually. Tone Maker This tool can convert color image into grayscale or mono tone image with various effects and powerful settings. It helps you manage the tone of photo easily. Anti Purple Fringing Purple fringing is a very common defect of any digital camera. When you shot a object with high background light, there will be purple fringing on the edge of object. This 'Anti Purple Fringing' function is designed to get rid of it. Clean Skin This function can make skin in portrait photo more smooth. At the same time, the non_skin area keeps unchanged. Edge Thrink Edge thrink is somehing like 'sharpen' but it works different. It can make blured edges looks more sharpen. The difference between edge thrink and sharpen can be shown as this figure. Lambency Filter Lambency filter can simulate the real optical filter's effects. It have two mode: Lambency filter mode and Highlight diffuse mode. Noise Reduction This tool is desiged to effectively remove the high sensitive(ISO) noise of digital cameras. Out of Focus Blur This filter is designed to simulate the out of focus effect.

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