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Filter QuarkXpress Documents|Search Quark Documents Windows

By MetaDesign Solutions
Plugin for:
Illustrator Plugin available for Windows 
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Microsoft has been improvising on its Search functionality with each version. The latest incarnation Windows Search 4.0 is extremely powerful and extensible. Windows Search provides an easy and comprehensive solution for finding and organizing the content. Although, default implementation of Windows Search supports searching operation for a number of document types but not all. To support document types not supported by Windows search you require a third party Plug-in. SearchQXP extends the default set of file types supported by Windows Search to include QuarkXpress Documents. SearchQXP would enable you to search contents of QuarkXPress documents such as text, font names, style sheets, and layouts. All features are available to users of QuarkXPress 6 and later. The QuarkXPress Addon for Windows Search runs on Windows Vista and Above.

Features 1. Works on Windows Vista and Above
2. Search's for QuarkXpress Documents with matching text
3. Search's for QuarkXpress Documents with matching Para Style
4. Search's for QuarkXpress Documents with matching Character Style
5. Search's for QuarkXpress Documents with matching Layout
6. Search's for QuarkXpress Documents with matching Fonts used
7. Works with QuarkXpress 6.x Documents and above

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