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Chartbot Barcodes

By Soft Horizons
Plugin for:
InDesign Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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What's so great about Chartbot Barcodes? Use variable-data (Data Merge) variables OR type in the data to encode. It's the only InDesign and Quark barcode package that lets you generate barcodes directly from variable-data variables or ordinary text without using barcode fonts.

Works with InDesign's own Data Merge, DesignMerge, InData, XData, XMPie, and many variable-data systems in either InDesign or Quark. Produces 1D, 2D and postal barcodes.

In addition to being variable-data compatible, Chartbot Barcodes is production-friendly. It supports color separations, spot color and the other features that professional workflows require.

Variable-Data Barcodes. Chartbot Barcodes is a completely new and different way of generating barcodes that fixes the problems with traditional methods.

Unlike product-specific barcode modules from variable-data software makers, Chartbot Barcodes generates a full range of barcode types and works with virtually all variable-data systems, including InDesign's built-in Data Merge feature. Even users of product-specific barcode modules can add Chartbot Barcodes to their existing layouts to support new barcode types, spot colors, and take advantage of other options.

No fonts. Barcode fonts can be so painful! With Chartbot Barcodes, there's no need to reformat your database, compute checksums, or do other data processing. And, there's no need to switch out fonts when resizing barcodes. For most barcode types, Chartbot Barcodes automatically takes care of encoding, checksumming and resizing.

Production features. Spot color. Color separations. Overprint. Rich black. Automatic sizing to match data. Automatic size adjustment to match printer resolution.

Wide range of popular barcodes. Chartbot Barcodes generates 20 types of linear (1D) barcodes, 5 matrix (2D) barcodes, and 6 postal barcodes, plus several sub-variants of those popular barcodes.

Print speed all its own.Chartbot Barcodes are pure vector output, so barcodes print at your printer's full rated speed. Even high-volume production printers usually won't slow down for barcodes.

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