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DistortionTricks (AP2)

By Abneil Software Ltd
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Windows 
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  • 16 plug-ins for use in Photoshop (R) CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 + Elements + Paint Shop Pro (R) Photo X2 X1 X 9 8 + Painter + others
  • Includes blur / bar / line plugin
  • Extreme blurring plugin
  • Mirror blurring plugin
  • Psychdelic color weird and wonderful plugin
  • Solarization plugin for unusual color effects
  • Bar / line split plugin for strange line and image splitting
  • Blur / bar / line plugin
  • Camera judder plugin
  • Wave blur plugin
  • Distortion and color gradient effect plugin
  • Twists and rotate plugin
  • Wavy distort image plugin
  • Color opArt pattern plugin and much more
  • Each plugin includes 77 output modes such as tiling and mirror and color wrap for wonderful output variant effects
  • Each plugin includes color sliders for red and green and blue channel image tweaking
  • Use the plugins in many different color modes such as RGB CMYK LAB and even 16bit
  • Each plugin comes with transparency settings for use with layer effects and selections for 3D bevel layer effects and more
  • Each plugin comes with experimentation settings
  • Presets settings so you can save and open presets / saved settings for plugin
  • Each plugin has effects modes where you can apply the effect as a blur / paint / distortion / image smear / sepia smear and more
  • Preview display and zoom
  • Use the preview to control the effect in many cases
  • Combine effects and more... for superb color effects
  • Demo set available, displays bar across image on OK - includes only 5 of the plugin set
  • Works in many applications, requires no additional dlls

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