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The Works

By Cybia
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Windows 
Image processing
Ease of use

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The Works is a collection of 8 plug-in filter sets for use with Adobe Photoshop or compatible host applications. Originally created back in the 90's, these filters have been updated several times and converted into a number of different versions. They provide the user with a base of very simple effects that can be handy on a regular basis.

AlphaWorks quickly removes black or white values and making the region transparent.

ColourWorks offers many variations for modifying image colour values in different ways, from subtle correction of your digital photos to more dramatic transformations for artistic effect.

EdgeWorks creates dramatic edge and colour modifications which are best used for experimenting with intense photo transformations for a highly stylized look. Also handy for texture effects.

ScreenWorks provides you with a quick way to add small detailed and repetitive texture overlay effects to areas of your image in one easy step.

EmbossWorks gives you a selection of choices for producing various quick and easy embossing styles.

SwapShop is meant for the easy switching of colour values in your images.

MasterBlaster is a simple effect for "blasting" intense colour into your images.

Mezzy will let you create a selection of different grain and mezzo styles. Give your photos a whole new look with these various effects.

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