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Big Pictures

By PanosFX
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This product consists of two sets of complex & elegant Photoshop actions that despite their sophistication are very easy to use:
1. The BIG PICTURES actions
These 10 actions turn your image into an impressive collage; an assemblage of polaroid photos that are put together to show the original photo.
The first two actions (called 'Synthesis flat' and 'Synthesis curled') give you the the highest level of control: you can define up to 20 different flat or bent photos that make up the final collage. You control the number of the collage images, their individual sizes, positions, rotation, & the border size.
The other 8 actions of this set use a predefined layout: the final collage is an assemblage of many flat or bent photos distributed in various rows and columns.

2. The MATRIX COLLAGE actions
These actions put together various different photos into one image. The effect becomes even more interesting when these actions are used together with the Big Pictures actions. The result is an impressive composition which you can use to show up your image collections!
The free file contains the 25-photos (flat & curled) versions of the 'Big Pictures' set plus the 25-photos version of the 'Matrix Collages' actions. The commercial version contains the full package. 

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