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By VanDerLee
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Windows 
Image processing
Ease of use
Bundle 59.90 - 10% = 53.90 USD 
Full version for Windows 29.90 - 10% = 26.91 USD 

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Halftone is a plug-in for PhotoShop™ compatible plug-in hosts. It will work with applications such as Adobe PhotoShop™, JASC Paint Shop Pro™, Corel PhotoPaint™, ULead PhotoImpact™ and MicroGrafx Picture Publisher™ amongst many others. The Halftone plug-in can transform your source images in a halftone dithering pattern. You've probably seen this effect before when looking at a newspaper where it is used for photographic images and for shading black & white cartoons and graphs. You can use the Halftone plug-in to accurately reproduce this effect and have full control over how it is applied. It is also a popular effect in modern graphics such as a background to logo's or other kinds of dithering effects. Not only does it allow for classic-style dithering but it also includes different shaped dots, such as squares, diamonds and stars, and fine-tuned control, allowing you to do much more. You can rotate, scale, shift the halftone pattern, change contrast and brightness and even take full control by setting the size range for the dots. Some shapes can even be rotated and configured themselves for maximum control. The Halftone plug-in makes live easy for you by automatically scaling the color range for contrast and allowing both transparent and opaque background colors, fully configurable of course. The size scaling automatically adjust to the size of the image so you can do preliminary tests on smaller-sized images before repeating the process on full-sized images. Halftone is of the highest quality, ranging from a good-looking yet intuitive interface to the fully anti-aliassed dots or any other shape available. Any configuration made can be saved for later usage by using standard Windows' dialogs. The format of the saved files allows for easy migration to future upgrades of the plug-in. The Halftone plug-in has been thoroughly tested to work on a variety of images sizes and colors and supports Grayscale and Duotone color modes as well as the standard RGB mode, all 8-bit colordepth. All calculations in the plug-in are floating-point based, allowing for the perfect anti-aliassing and high precision in the placement of the dots.

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