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Strata Design 3D

By Strata
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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Cut Out The Middleman. 3D Right in Photoshop his plug-in includes three powerful tools: Match[in], Model[in] and Render[in] synchronized to Strata's award winning Strata 3D CX application engine. Match[in] generates a matching camera view and a 3D grid that coincides with the vanishing point data. This allows you to match the perspective in a Photoshop® document and place 3D objects into the scene. Model[in] allows you to model new objects or modify existing objects and create new objects with tools such as extrude, lathe, and subdivision surface modeling. You can even import Adobe Illustrator™ software outlines to loft into 3D objects. Render[in] allows you to take the real-time, OpenGL 3D model you have positioned in Photoshop and render it using a full raydiosity renderer, with relflections, refractions, soft shadows, HDRI lighting, volumetric effects and more. The jargon may be confusing, but the photorealistic results aren't. "That's all very neat, but I don't know the first thing about 3D." Yeah, we know. The results look so professional, it must be complicated, right? Well no, not really. Strata has been building 3D tools that look and feel like they belong in Photoshop for so long that we've been referred to as "Adobe's 3D cousin". You might be surprised at how many of the buttons will do what you intuitively think they will do, based on your existing experience with Photoshop. But we know how difficult it is to wrap your head around a completely new idea. That's why we've brought two Photoshop sharpshooters in to help you along. Dave Cross, co-host of Photoshop TV, director of education for NAPP and contributor to Photoshop User; and Colin Smith, founder of and co-author of a new Photoshop training book, "Photoshop CS3: The Missing Manual". Dave and Colin will be on board to give you tips and tricks and show you just how easy it is to integrate 3D into your Adobe workflow in a natural and user-friendly way. Strata is already committed to regular educational Podcasts on using our software, Dave and Colin are simply an extension of our commitment to the continuing education of our user base.

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