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ModeS CatalogSuite (CS) by Inforvision GmbH, Germany
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ModeS CatalogSuite (CS)

By Inforvision GmbH, Germany
Plugin for:
InDesign Plugin available for Windows 
Database publishing
Ease of use

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ModeS DataConnector and CatalogBuilder are the ultimate database publishing tools for all publications with Adobe InDesign. It doesn't matter if you want to publish personalized business papers, labels, price lists, catalogues or even magazines. Professional database publishing for 39,90 €!! Get the maximum functionality for the lowest price. You have already layouted documents in Adobe InDesign (or you have imported documents into Adobe InDesign) and you want to 'connect' them to your database? Then the ModeS DataConnector should be the tool of your choice. Your documents can be updated whenever you want by using the ModeS View technology. It is obvious that you can transfer any changes in your documents into the database. You want to create professional catalogues, price lists, magazines, labels or other products with the most automation you can get? Then you should rely on the expertise we have in database publishing for more than 5 years. Visit our website and download the ModeS evaluation copy. Your benefits:

  • no proprietary database needed. ModeS fits itself into the structure of YOUR database.
  • no IT know-how is necessary.
  • no knowledge in scripting or any other programming language is necessary.
  • no seperate editing programs are needed.
  • easy to use (an experienced graphic designer is capable to use all the basic functions of ModeS within a very short time).
  • na matter if you use single frames, combinations frames or tables (even multi-product-tables) - use all the creative potential InDesign offers you.
  • combine as many different layouts per page as you want.
  • bidirectional updates (write-back function from the InDesign document into your database and vice versa).
  • reduce your production costs up to 70%.
  • and many more .... Download the ModeS and discover the amazing world of professional database publishing with ModeS and Adobe InDesign. Purchase ModeS at:
  • cancom Deutschland GmbH (
  • cancom Computersysteme GmbH (
  • Inforvision GmbH (
  • one of the many ModeS partners (please contact us for a list of all ModeS system integrators). An english evaluation version is available very soon. If you want to have a pre-release of this evaluation version please contact us. References: DaimlerChrysler AG, Siemens AG, transtec AG, sto AG, Ökotest Verlag GmbH, BTI Befestigungstechnik GmbH, Druckerei Mack GmbH, Dr. Schendl GmbH & Co (AT), Vogt Solutions (CH) .... and many more ....

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