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IndicPlus|Adobe InDesign CS6 Plugin|Indesign InCopy Plugins

By MetaDesign Solutions
Plugin for:
InDesign Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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IndicPlus is an excellent Adobe InDesign plugins and Adobe InCopy plug-in linguistically engineered for these powerful design and desktop publishing softwares. It not only supports Asian languages, but other regional languages of the world as well. Plug-in has specially been engineered for Artists working with InDesign or InCopy and using Languages which require right to left support (Arabic, Hebrew and others), Bi-Directional Support (Indian Languages) and Other Complex Scripts such as Thai and others.

Type in all directions!!!
IndicPlus adds the most needed support in InDesign and InCopy for typography involving Both Bi-Directional Complex Scripts such as Indic scripts and Right to Left Languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. IndicPlus tackles all the complexities involved in the Indic scripts, Arabic Scripts and others such as character reordering, contextual shaping, display of combining characters and diacritics.

Unicode Fonts with Complex Scripts
It enables the use of Unicode Fonts with Complex Scripts within InDesign. With IndicPlus all Matras and Conjunction are rendered in the right location. Latest version of the IndicPlus plug-in is based on Adobe's WorldReady Functionality. It seamlessly integrates with InDesign and provides user-friendly interface for creating styles for various world languages.

Special Characters
IndicPlus offers shortcuts to insert special characters in InDesign. Currently supported Special Characters are:
Zero Width Joiner, Hebrew Magaf, Hebrew Geresh, Hebrew Gershaym, Arabic Kashida, Armenian Hyphen, Indian Rupee, Udatta, Anudatta.

Roman, ME & CJK at one place
IndicPlus combines the power of InDesign CJK, ME and Roman Versions and bundles them in a Plug-in. IndicPlus combines all important features of ME and CJK required for typography. If you think we have missed something drop us an email. We assure quick response on your feature requests.

Quick Change Palette
Our New version of IndicPlus comes with a palette using which you could quickly apply composers to all or selected paragraph and character styles

Numbering Styles
IndicPlus offers multiple additional numbering styles in InDesign, we would be happy to add more based on your suggestion.

Most notable features of IndicPlus are :

* Supports all Unicode fonts for complex scripts

* Supports all Bi-directional Complex Scripts

* All Matras and Conjunctions properly placed

* Wide Range of languages supported

* Copy Paste Unicode text from different applications

* Can be coupled with SpellPlus for Spell Checking

* Supports both Mac and Windows

* Import text from Word and Excel

* Enhanced Numbering Styles

* Supports Wide Range of Languages

* Support for CJK Languages

* On-going Development ensures frequent updates

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