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By Rorohiko Ltd.
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LB MagnetoGuides allows you to ‘magnetize’ one or more guides. Magnetized guides are special: they push or pull any ‘snapped’ items along when they are moved. To better understand how these magnetic guides help the design of structured documents, I suggest you work through the cookbook section of the user manual that is included with the downloaded files, or watch the online demo below. If a page item is ‘snapped to’ a magnetic guide at only one side, then the page item simply moves along when the guide is moved. If a page item is ‘snapped to’ more than one magnetic guide, then the page item will stretch or shrink as needed so it can stay ‘snapped’ to all magnetic guides. This allows you to reposition and resize multiple page items concurrently without having to group them. For more complex structures, groups of two or more magnetic guides can be ‘linked’ together – so when one guide of the group moves, all linked guides follow suit (and all attached items get repositioned accordingly). The simplest linking arrangement uses ‘rigid’ links between the magnetic guides – two guides are simply linked together, and stay at the same distance from each other at all times. Another common linking arrangement uses ‘stretchy’ links between the guides. When three or more guides are arranged in a stretchy way, and one of the guides is repositioned, the whole linked guide arrangement is stretched or shrunk while respecting the relative distances between the guides.

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