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Shared Picture Map for QuarkXPress 7 by Quark
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Shared Picture Map for QuarkXPress 7

By Quark
Plugin for:
Aperture Plugin available for Macintosh 
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Shared Picture Map is a QuarkXPress XTension and Apple Aperture/iPhoto plugins that allows both the applications to exchange images and layouts. What it enables: This technology allows Aperture and iPhoto users to place their images into QuarkXPress layouts without launching a copy of QuarkXPress. Use case: A QuarkXPress user designs a layout and leaves pictures boxes empty. User then exports this layout as a zip package and sends it to Aperture/iPhoto user via e-mail, ftp or file sharing. Shared Picture Map FAQ with Kapil Tundwal 1. What is Shared Picture Map and what does that mean to the QuarkXPress user? Shared Picture Map is a QuarkXPress XTension and Apple Aperture/iPhoto plugin. It enables a QuarkXPress user to export previews and layout geometry as a zip archive which could be manually sent to Aperture/iPhoto user. Aperture/iPhoto user works on their images and chooses “QuarkXPress Project” during export process. Aperture/iPhoto plugin allows user to open the zip archive and drag drop selected images into layout boxes. Note that QuarkXPress application is not required to open zip archive. Zip archive is updated with image information and could be sent back to QuarkXPress user to update originial QuarkXPress project file. All this while QuarkXPress user could keep working on layout as well. Shared Image Map allows layout and image artists to collaborate on a project simultaneously. A QuarkXPress user can now delegate image work right at the start of project work and continue working without waiting for finished images to come back. 2. What inspired you to develop this solution? Normally users are forced to use file sharing to exchange files to work together. Naming conventions are typically used to enable project management and versioning. Lastly image artists have no way of knowing how their images are coming along in the finished pages. Both QuarkXPress and Aperture application tend to focus on workflow. This project aims to ease common workflow a bit without investing in a content management system. 3. Who do you see as the target audience for this solution? Designers who are part of a workflow involving both QuarkXPress and Aperture. Ideal workflow would be where designers need to start exchanging graphic files earlier in the process without much planning. 4. If this feature is developed further, what would you like to see added? I would like to see more tighter integration with Aperture. Currently Aperture SDK only allow export plugin. One could imagine native QuarkXPress project files as album artwork within Aperture. This would allow hi-fidelity, design rich albums based on industry standard QuarkXPress platform. Next I would like to use Quark’s Job Jacket technology to share assets between the 2 applications. Assets may include color, image formats, image resolution, type styles, page information and such. Quark’s Job Jacket technology would allow image preflight check right within Aperture. Last but the not the least I would like to hear from the community how they would like to see it developed.

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