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By AlphaPlugins
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AfterEffect Plugin available for Windows 
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AlphaPlugins company announces about new AlphaStar software release. This is a new bundle of special effects for Adobe After Effects and other editors that support the same plug-in mechanism. It allows to create very often demandable and helpful effects such as different types of highlights, stars, rays, flashes, blinks, lens flares, rainbows and etc., and gives a lot of possibilities to decorate video and create both natural and unusual fantastical effects. This product includes five big independent modules which allow producing big variety of unique and second to none special effects. These modules let to solve follow tasks: To create beautiful single flashes, stars, flare and etc and emulate physical phenomena when high energy beams intersect with virtual optical system. To create particles systems consisting of myriads of lighting stars. You can easy control these particles how they born, fly and die. To create highlights and shining stars on brightly parts of raster sources and adjust and animate a lot of parameters. To create stars and lights on borders of opaque objects. You can easy add stars on edges of any texts, typings, subscribes and etc. Vector mask and raster contours both can be used as source of stars. Raster contours will be automatically traced into vector objects with help of build-in means. To decorate video, texts, typings, subscribes with beautiful rays and beams. Even these beams can shine on perimeter of raster and vector sources. To create amazing rainbows and adjust their parameters. Add rainbow blink on video and typing. Set rainbow splitting of color for stars’ and rays’ light. And much more.

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