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LensProIII for After Effects

By AlphaPlugins
Plugin for:
AfterEffect Plugin available for Windows 
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LensProIII is big set of plug-ins for Adobe After Effects and compatible. With help of this module you can easy create professional and high-quality lenses and glass effects. It contains 5 modules which let to create various lenses, crystals, glass objects and glass surfaces. It is very power tool. You can create lenses and crystals several types with many adjustable parameters as well as you can load crystals from 3DS or WRML files. This set has special means for automatic creation particle systems from lenses and crystals. It lets to create very interesting and beautiful video with lenses and glasses backgrounds. Follow modules are included in LensProIII plug-ins set:

  • LensProIII - this filter allows to create many types of lens and crystals and particles system from them.
  • Glass Foam - this module allows to create matrix, radial and helix arrays from lens objects.
  • 3DObject - lets to create various effects with glasses object that can be loaded from file.
  • Universal - can create lenses in any shapes and lenses surfaces by any contour or video sources.
  • Triangles - allows to create very interesting effects with glass triangles like leaded pane.
  • Speckle - is very simple filter that allows to create an effects of wet glass.

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