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ArtStudioPro Vol 2

By Twisting Pixels
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ArtStudoPro Vol 2 includes 5 Effect Medias: Oil, Oil Pastel, Charcoal, Chalk, & Finger Painting.

ArtStudioPro [Volume 2] features a revolutionary Oil Painting effect that will automatically turn your image into the look of richly painted brush strokes. Have fun creating an abstract look with a swath blend of brushstrokes or a pleasant landscape using smooth simplified ones. Each style is easy to achieve by simply moving your brush stroke slider. No painting required! After choosing an effect, enhance your image with one of the support filters, to give your masterpiece definition and dimension. Experiment by mixing different mediums for a customized style or choose Presets for instant results.
Convert photos into an OIL PAINTING Impression! ArtStudioPro [Vol. 2] Natual-Looking Artistic Media. Convert your image into an oil or chalk impression. It's easy! Simply load an image, choose an artistic effect, such as Oil Painting, Oil Pastel, Chalk, Charcoal or Finger Painting, then watch as your image is "brushed" into a work of art. Presets are available for instant results.
ArtStudoPro [Vol. 2] includes: Oil Painting, Oil Pastel, Chalk, Charcoal & Finger Painting.
Supporting Effects: Chalk Outline, Chalk Smudge, Charcoal Outline, Charcoal Smudge, Oil Pastel Details, Oil Color, Oil Details & Oil Brush.

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