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Point Control_CS34

By Worker72a
Plugin for:
Illustrator Plugin available for Macintosh 
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Point Control provides many user requested path and point editing functions in one easy to use floating palette.

  • Adjust Stroke % - Adds or subtracts a percentage of their current stroke weight to the weight of all selected paths. For example, if paths with a 1 point stroke and 2 point stroke are selected, adjusting by +25% will result in 1.25 and 2.5 pt strokes.
  • Adjust Stroke Weight - Adds or subtracts a specified amount to each selected path. Selected 1 pt and 2 pt paths, if adjusted by +.25pt results in 1.25 and 2.25.
  • Align Vertically and Horizontally - Aligns selected points on any number of paths vertically or horizontally. Holding the option key while clicking Perform will delete unnecessary intermediate points. Points align to the lowest (Vert.) or left (Horiz.) point by default. Holding the command (Apple) key aligns to the highest (Vert) or right (Horiz) point.
  • Delete Selected Points - Deletes selected points on any number of paths without breaking the path.
  • Make Points Curves or Corners - Converts selected points on any number of paths to corner or curve points but does not change current handle position.
  • Make Paths Closed - Sets the open/closed state of all selected paths to closed.
  • Pop Curve Handles - Increases the length of curve handles on all selected points by 50%.
  • Retract Curve Handles - Removes curve handles from all selected points.
  • Smooth Path - Removes extra points and smooths paths. The "Best Shape" setting will result in almost no change in the shape. Settings 8 down to "Fewest Points" remove progressively more points but also result in more path distortion.

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