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By ImageSkill
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Windows 
Image processing
Ease of use
Full version for Windows 29.95 - 10% = 26.95 USD 

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Translucator is a Photoshop-compatible plug-in for Windows. It extracts translucent objects (glass, smoke, fog, fur etc.) from images having complex background content with the minimum efforts. Result may be used for collage, scrabboking and greeting card creation. Using Translucator you can make a result that is unavailable with other masking programs like Adobe Magic Extractor, Corel Knock-Out, Microsoft Expression and so on. Features at glance
  • Ability to cut translucent objects like glass, fog, smoke, fur etc
  • Color unmixing for background replacing
  • There are tools for debris removing and holes filling within received mask
  • You can switch between original image and result one and preview the extracted object against a colored matte background for result checking
  • 16-bit mode support
You do not need accurately draw out an object. Mark translucent area and press Apply. The efficiency of background removing is adjusted by moving one slider only. There are addition tools for result tuning. You can receive attractive results and it takes less time and efforts. The Translucator unmixs color in transparent areas, so you can then place result on other background correctly. You can use erase/restore brush for the manual correction of the resulting image. In order to check result you can switch between original image and result one and preview the extracted object against a colored matte background. Our product has simple install and uninstall procedures, help and small tutorial.

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