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Classic Frames by USD 152.94 (Save 10%!)       Sonar Bookends InXref by Virginia Systems: USD 35.91 (Save 10%!)        by : EUR 35.10 (Save 10%!)       Vector Studio 2 by Virtual Mirror: USD 26.95 (Save 10%!)       XFile by USD 71.95 (Save 10%!)
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Spotlighted Plugin
by ArcSoft
Plugin for: Photoshop
Category: Retouching
Auto Retoucher for PortraitsThe first auto portrait retoucher- Super-efficient batch processing saves your time and money- Accurate faces detection and natural skin-smoothing technologies-...
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  Portrait+ ArcSoft plugin for Photoshop

Most popular  
JLG-Dimension & JLG-DimensionLight JLG plugin for Illustrator
JLG-Dimension & JLG-DimensionLight  Updated plugin
by JLG
Plugin for: Illustrator
Category: CAD
September 2017 JLG-Dimension 13.7 for CC and CS6 (MacOs ) and JLG-DimensionLight 6.6 for CC and CS6 (Mac And Windows) New units (Ám and km). Thousands separator to get 12,345,723.76 instead of...
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Classic Frames plugin for Photoshop
Classic Frames
Plugin for: Photoshop
Category: Frame
The frames provided are exactly the one you would use to hang up expensive paintings or all kind of photos in a gallery or around your home. With ClassicFrames Photoshop filter plugin you frame...
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JLG•Arcs & Rectangles JLG plugin for Illustrator
JLG•Arcs & Rectangles
by JLG
Plugin for: Illustrator
Category: Design
September 2016 JLG.Arcs & Rectangles 9.0 for CS6 and CC MacOS only. July 2013 JLG.Arcs & Rectangles 8.1 for CC MacOS only. October 2012 JLG.Arcs & Rectangles 8.1 for CS6 MacOS only. Now JLG.Arcs &...
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Comics PanosFX plugin for Photoshop
by PanosFX
Plugin for: Photoshop
Category: Special effect
If you want to produce extremely versatile Comic book images look no further! The “PanosFX Comics” is an amazing set of advanced Photoshop™ actions that use the latest Photoshop...
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71.95 USD 
Save 10%!
Sonar Bookends InXref
by Virginia Systems
35.91 USD 
Save 10%!
Vector Studio 2
by Virtual Mirror
26.95 USD 
Save 10%!
Classic Frames
152.94 USD 
Save 10%!

New/Updated plugins  
JLG-Dimension & JLG-DimensionLight  Updated plugin
by JLG
JLG-Zoom  Updated plugin
by JLG
OPI Manager
by macademy
Print Rename
by macademy
by macademy
by Richard Rosenman
MBL PRO (Motion Blur Lab PRO)
by Richard Rosenman

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