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Jacket - Yosemite
Jacket is an iTunes visual plugin which displays image files you made for specified songs. You can...
Freeware available for Macintosh
JewelCase 2.1 - Optical Alchemy
Visual jukebox plug-in for iTunes
Shareware available for Macintosh
Music Image Show: JPGTV can together with iTunes deliver a multimedia experience.
Freeware available for Windows
Kaleidostrobe - Shehryar Lasi
Kaleidostrobe is a visual plug-in for iTunes on Mac OS X. It generates multi-layered animated...
Freeware available for Macintosh
Lyrics [Letras de Musicas] for iTunes - Vaga-lume
Displays lyrics while you're listening to music on iTunes
Freeware available for Windows
MatrixJam - Eric Yost
MatrixJam is an iTunes visual plugin that shows the matrix code move to the song's spectral data.
Freeware available for Macintosh
Now Playing - Brandon Fuller
Publish what you are listening to on your web site or blog!
Shareware available for Windows
Origami - Trinfinity Software
This Visual Plugin draws multicolored polygons that change color and shape as the music changes.
Freeware available for Macintosh
softskies - SoundSpectrum
Soundcrank iTunes Plug-in - Soundcrank
Get Album Art and Lyrics, also see what your friends are listening to.
Freeware available for Windows
Soundscape - Mark Levin
Soundscape is an iTunes visualizer that displays sound as a 3D landscape, letting you fly over...
Shareware available for Macintosh
SpectroGraph - Dr. Lex
The plugin simply displays a spectrogram of the music. A spectrogram is a graph of the frequency...
Freeware available for Macintosh
SpotDJ - SpotDJ
Adds artist interviews, exclusive commentary, and general awesomeness to iTunes
Freeware available for Macintoshavailable for Windows
TechRTA - Channel D Corporation
Realtime 10-band stereo analyzer visual plug-in for iTunes.
Freeware available for Macintosh
The Filter - Exabre
Your ultimate music companion
Freeware available for Macintoshavailable for Windows
Timestretch Visualizer - Timestretch
Visual plug-in for MacOS X. It draws fractals to the music.
Freeware available for Macintosh
Volcano Kit - Volcano Kit
Analyzes the frequency/amplitude information in your music as a basis to create a rich, i...
Freeware available for Macintosh
Volume Logic - Plantronics-Volume Logic Group
Improves the quality of your listening experience
Commercial available for Macintoshavailable for Windows
Vortex - Trinfinity Software
This Visual Plugin draws a series of concentric or offset circles that gradually increase in...
Freeware available for Macintosh
WhiteCap - SoundSpectrum
WhiteCap is a real-time music visualization plug-in for media players and can also visualize...
Shareware available for Macintoshavailable for Windows
XWave -
Advanced wave display
Freeware available for Macintosh

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