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Spotlighted Plugin
Mighty Tiles Pro
by Mighty Instruments
Plugin for: Photoshop
Category: Design
 With our plug-in "Mighty Tiles Pro" (it is realized as a filter in Photoshop) you can easily create wall and floor textures. For each single tile photos are used to procedurally built...
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  Mighty Tiles Pro Mighty Instruments plugin for Photoshop

Most popular  
JLG-Dimension & JLG-DimensionLight JLG plugin for Illustrator
JLG-Dimension & JLG-DimensionLight  Updated plugin
by JLG
Plugin for: Illustrator
Category: CAD
December 2017 JLG-DimensionLight 6.9 for CC and CS6 (MacOs And Windows) I added dual measure to measure using two different units at the same time (millimeters and inches for instance). Noow, it's...
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CumulusConnect macademy plugin for InDesign
by macademy
Plugin for: InDesign
Category: Database publishing
CumulusConnect is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign which connects it to Canto Cumulus. A selection of assets in Cumulus will be transferred to InDesign and be displayed in a table-like document. To...
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Print Rename macademy plugin for InDesign
Print Rename
by macademy
Plugin for: InDesign
Category: Workflow
Print Rename is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign to individually change the name of a print job during printing. Therefore print jobs, which contain only specific parts of a document (i.e. single pages,...
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LanguageLamp Mindsteam Software plugin for InDesign
by Mindsteam Software
Plugin for: InDesign
Category: Text/typography
LanguageLamp is an extremely useful utility for working with multiple languages in InCopy and InDesign documents. It currently supports the Creative Suite (CS3 - CS6) and Creative Cloud (CC - CC...
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71.95 USD 
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Sonar Bookends InXref
by Virginia Systems
35.91 USD 
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Vector Studio 2
by Virtual Mirror
26.95 USD 
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Classic Frames
152.94 USD 
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New/Updated plugins  
JLG•Hatching  Updated plugin
by JLG
JLG-Dimension & JLG-DimensionLight  Updated plugin
by JLG
by JLG
OPI Manager
by macademy
Print Rename
by macademy
by macademy
by Richard Rosenman

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